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Storing Your Documents

Your documents that support your legal right to invoice your customers must be stored in our Virtual Filing Cabinet. You will be prompted to store them at the completion of each invoicing session.They will appear on our website as links. There are 2 ways to store them:
  • Fax your paper documents using our bar coded fax cover sheets, if you don't have a scanner, or
  • Upload scanned paper documents or computer files, such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Click here to download doPDF, the free PDF conversion tool with which you can convert any document to PDF format before uploading it

Your Customers Can Access Your Stored Documents 24/7

Your customers can download your documents when they login to our web server to approve your invoices by clicking links on each invoice line of the Invoice Confirmation Page. Therefore, we put everything at their fingertips to enable them to approve your invoices within seconds so you can be funded immediately.

It's Yours, Too

As long as we do business together, you can treat it as your own free document management system.
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