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Quickbooks Factoring Integration

Quickbooks Factoring Integration

Quickbooks is the only software accounting package we support, because it's the market leader in small business accounting software, by a large margin.

Enter Your Invoice Data Only Once

21st Capital Corp is the only invoice factoring company that integrates its online factoring system with its users Quickbooks, no matter where they are located in the U.S. Prior to developing this software, our Quickbooks users would create their invoices online using our exclusive invoice creation web form. However, if they wanted the same data in Quickbooks, they would also have to create invoices in Quickbooks independently -- the result, double data entry.

Our exclusive Quickbooks integration technology eliminates double data entry.

After you enter your invoices in Quickbooks, login into our website and click a link which will cause the Quickbooks invoice data to be uploaded to our server. It will then be displayed on a web page. Select the invoices you want to factor by clicking the associated checkboxes and the submit button.

Version Support

We support all versions of Quickbooks from the Pro Version up and we also support the Online Version.

You will use Quickbooks only as a data entry tool

We mail all invoices which we print after you upload the Quickbooks invoice data.
Do not print and mail your Quickbooks invoices. We mail all invoices.

Automated Accounting Adjustments

If you factor any invoices created in Quickbooks, it will automatically be out of balance. The reason: you sold the asset (accounts receivable) and received some cash (a different kind of asset). Therefore, adjusting journal entries must be made to bring Quickbooks back into balance. Other factoring companies consider such matters to be the clients' problem and not their concern. And most clients don't know how to prepare and write the journal entries. So, at year end, their accountant makes a massive journal entry and sends them a bill.

21st Capital Corp provides a free solution: login to our website and click a link and our software and server will write the adjusting journal entries to your Quickbooks free of charge.

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