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Our Unique Technology

Our Factoring Extranet

An extranet is a private, secure, password protected, extension of a corporate intranet or website where organizations build persistent network links with customers, vendors, or other business partners, and in which all partners with access rights can collaborate and conduct business, internally, on the site.

21st Capital Corp owns and operates the only factoring extranet in the world, which enables us to seamlessly connect our clients, their customers, and ourselves in the factoring process. As a result, we are able to fund our clients faster and provide them with Unique, Free Web Factoring Services, which are not available elsewhere.

Our Factoring Extranet consists of a server with a SQL database, or invoice data warehouse, containing invoices data our clients entered entered either by creating their invoices using our Exclusive, Proprietary Online Invoice Creation Software, or by uploading Quickbooks® invoice data.

The Underlying Technology

  • Hardware
  • We rent space on Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Cloud) system so to insure ourselves and our clients of continuity and reliability.
  • Software
    • Apache® Web Server
    • PosgtreSQL Databases
    • Custom web-based software applications written in Java®, Groovy and C++, including our Online Invoice Creation & Quickbooks® Factoring Integration packages, etc.

We are the only Paperless Factoring Company

All aspects of the factoring process are paperless, except for one thing: we mail paper invoices to our clients' customers. However, unlike all other factoring companies, our clients never mail paper invoices to us to factor.
  • The Initial Signup Process:
  • There is no paper to fill in, sign or mail. All documents are electronic and are signed electronically.
  • The Online Invoicing Process:
  • Invoices are created online paperlessly using either our exclusive online invoice creation technology or are created offline in Quickbooks® and the data is uploaded to our server.
  • Backup Documents Supporting the Invoices:
  • They can either be faxed to us using our barcode fax technology or they can be uploaded.

Your Invoice Data Makes our Free Web Services Possible

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